Outtakes is an American software company headquared in Salt Lake City, Utah specializing in generative AI, graphics, and computer vision. We are dedicated to empowering creativity and inspiring the masses through our products and services.

Our flagship product is the Outtakes app, the ultimate tool for exploring the uncharted depths of the creative mind. Generate entire worlds with Spheres, immersive animated visuals for music visualization and storytelling, and compelling images, all locally within the Outtakes app – available for iOS, macOS, and visionOS.

Outtakes was founded in 2020 by Justin Means with the vision to bring creative freedom to the masses.
Our software is powered by Means Infra, a suite of shared libraries and services that traverse the full stack of software development from server to user interface, and extend to training, inference, and deployment of artificial intelligence models. Our parent company is Means AI.

Outtakes operates the Neuraform app, a binaural beats platform to synchronize your brainwaves to your desired mood through sound frequencies – available on iOS, macOS*, and visionOS*.

At Outtakes, we believe creativity knows no bounds. We strive to provide the tools and resources necessary to help our users and clients unleash their full potential and achieve their dreams.