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Our latest cutting-edge features and capabilities

Introducing Spheres for Apple Vision Pro

Generate entire worlds with Spheres, 360˚ Outtakes upscaled to 4K built for  Vision Pro.

Immerse yourself in any environment you can imagine, while playing your favorite playlist in a seperate Vision Pro music player app.

View your spheres from the outside and place multiple around your house.

Visualize, relax, meditate, create. Outtakes for  Vision Pro.

Generate unlimited worlds with Outtakes for Mac, beam them over to  Vision Pro and share them for the whole world to see.

Images, Videos, Spheres

Explore the uncharted extent of your imagination in ways never before possible, bring your dreams to life, and share them with the world.

Images and Videos may be generated in 1:1, 2:1, or 1:2 aspect ratios, and Spheres are generated in equirectangular 4K 2:1.

Runs Entirely On Your Device

Outtakes is free and runs locally on your Apple Silicon devices with our native apps for visionOS, iOS, and macOS.

By leveraging the full power of the Apple Neural Engine and GPU, our AI models don’t run in the cloud on expensive servers, so we don’t have to charge you!

DeepSync Music Visualizer

Bring your own stunning visuals to the party with Outtakes – perfect for DJ sets, graduations, weddings, concerts, and all sorts of venues.

Our cutting-edge DeepSync technology synchronizes Outtakes visuals with the music BPM, ensuring every beat drop is felt to full effect with synchronized visuals.

Leave your audience stunned and keep the party going all night.

Video Studio

Outtakes for Mac – Runs Fully Local and Offline

Get the exact visuals you want, with full control over every parameter with the Video Studio.

Fly through different iterations as you keyframe the perfect masterpiece, previewing keyframes before you render. Change zoom levels, x and y offsets, rotations, image noise, frames per second, and so much more.

Generate visuals with seed interpolation and prompt interpolation for the perfect morphs and illusions.

Best of all, Outtakes videos automatically seamlessly loop by default – a mesmerizing visual that keeps on giving.

Become a Creativity Powerhouse

Add images, videos, and sketches for full control over your generations. From product photos to concert visuals, Outtakes gives anybody the ability to express their creativity and share it in new unprecedented ways.

Democratizing AI

Running our AI models on device gives everybody with an Apple device the freedom to generate their dreams to fruition. Outtakes will always offer a powerful free platform for everybody to generate and share their creations.

Outtakes Ultra – a powerful paid upgrade that will take your creations to the next level, will be announced soon.